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On February 5, 2008, Apple Inc. filed to protect their Apple trademark in relation to “hand-held units for playing electronic games; hand-held units for playing video games; stand alone video game machines; electronic games other than those adapted for use with television receivers only; LCD game machines; electronic educational game machines; toys, namely battery-powered computer games”.

Click here to view the trademark application.

While and of an Apple handheld gaming unit have been around for a while, little prior to this trademark filing has supported that any kind of type unit is actually being developed. The exception was recent news from AppleInsider that Apple would be forming a closer bond with once-rival Intel in 2008 and begin building a new breed of ultra-mobile processors from the chipmaker into a fresh generation of handheld gadgets.

Mork will give you a topic: Can Apple transform portable gaming like they did portable music? Discuss…


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