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On December 5, 2007, filed to protect the trademark mezone in relation to an all-encompassing home television and entertainment system featuring an array of hardware and services. Paraphrasing slightly from the filing, Sony mezone encompasses:

“computer hardware, set top boxes, remote controls, and computer software and peripherals, namely audio and video receivers and transmitters and computer software programs enabling receipt, download, playing, personalized and interactive viewing, and rental of audio and video programming through the use of internet connections to computer hardware, receiver and transmitter apparatuses that connect to a television set or monitor”;

“computer software for uploading, manipulating, and enhancing digital content, documents, photographs, images, video, and audio”;

“computer software for linking metadata tags with photographic and other media files to enable search engine retrieval and database software collections of files and their on-line sharing, and for linking metadata tags with web pages visited, to create links which users can maintain for themselves and share with on-line groups”;

“electronic storage of media objects and other digital content including text, documents, photographs, images, video, and audio”;

“audio and video broadcasting and streaming services over the Internet or other communications network, namely, uploading, playing, streaming, posting, tagging, showing, displaying, blogging, vlogging, sharing, providing, distributing, and transmitting of video, pictures, images, text, audio and/or other electronic media or information”;

“providing access to Internet protocol television (IPTV); digital broadcasting of radio, television programs and movies via a global computer network; interactive television broadcasting services”;

“entertainment services, namely, providing a website featuring television programs, movies, and music videos audio clips, video clips, musical performances, musical videos, film clips, photographs, other multimedia materials, and information in the field of audio clips, video clips, musical performances, musical videos, film clips, photographs, and other multimedia materials via a global computer network”; and

“motion picture film production; entertainment in the nature of theatre productions; entertainment in the nature of visual and audio performances, namely, musical band, dance and ballet performances”.

While Mork is rudely denied access to the mysterious, the whois listing for shows Sony Electronics as the registrant. Until this comes online, Mork will be in the .

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