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Worst Word Mashup Trademark Filings

12.11.07 | No Comments

PORNLYWEDS - Evans Entertainment Corporation
Pornographic scenarios involving newlyweds or performers acting as newlyweds? “Let’s try it again, only can you act a little more like you just got married? And…ACTION!”

ENTREMANEUR - Charting New Courses, Inc.
Entrepreneurs who also happen to be men? Mork would suggest choosing a name that doesn’t sound like “manure”.

BLINGKINI - Isabella Valentina, LLC
Bikinis featuring shiny, expensive-looking decorations? How very Keeping Up with the Kardasians.

KIDFETTI - The Centers, Inc.
Confetti made especially for kids? Yeah, ’cause that adult confetti is too mature and will corrupt their fragile little minds.

AUTHORPRENEURSHIP - John Rizzo, Individual
The state of being an entrepreneur who also happens to be an author? Mork bets you can’t say “authorpreneurship” ten times fast.

EATAINMENT - Nutratainment, LLC
Entertainment involving eating and food? Foodtainment has never been so Eatacular!

COLLABONEERING - Innovative Analytics & Training LLC
Collaborative engineering? Mork wishes he was a collaboneer so he could go collaboneering.

AUSTINTHENTIC - Thompson Hospitality Corporation
Authentic or genuine properties related to Austin, Texas or someone named Austin? Mork thinks “austinthentic” is a little “austintatious”.

WEBUME - Thomas J. Jalbert, Individual
Web resume? Go ahead, say it. Webume. You sound like a French Elmer Fudd trying to say “Rubbermaid”.

INNOVISIONEERING - Econolite Group, Inc.
An endeavor involving innovation, vision and engineering? Sounds cool, until you try and jam these three words together. Ouch!

Bonus mark: PROMTOURAGE - DBD, Inc.
An entourage or group of people attending a prom? Entitled rich kids in big groups scare Mork silly.

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